The gifts of Mercury Retrograde

So, we are still in full effects of the blessing (well, more of a blessing in disguise) that is Mercury retrograde. I thought I could compile a list of messages it has for us, to see what exactly it brings into the light:

Number 1: slow down, what’s your hurry?

Number 2: pay attention to what keeps happening in your life, over and over again, you know, those uncomfortable things you don’t want, but keep creeping up on you again and again, so often that you start to understand that “boy, there must be something that I am not learning here”. so, follow message number 1 and slooow dowwwn, think, rethink this moment that just happened, no matter how much you want to avoid it and hide it under the rug, no, no…stay with it, feel the emotion, ask yourself, why is this happening? if you stay in this emotion, accepting it, allowing it, even amplifying it, give it the liberty to be – then you will finally understand why this happened to you again and again. Make peace with it, don’t reject it, just accept it.

Number 3: Perfect occasion to see your shadow themes, as now you will see all those old confusions raising up again for you to embrace them and courageously move into them and find their meaning and their purpose.

Number 4: Leave new projects alone for a moment, time to reflect, correct some errors made in the past. Time to make amends with what was wrong and how now can be light-fully reflected.

Number 5: Every time a moment of confusion and uncomfortable sensation arises, ask yourself: “what is this moment teaching me?” ask and it shall be given. That moment of confusion comes because Mercury is saying: “See this thing right here? Fix it, now it the time, there is no better time than NOW.”

Number 6: Find balance from inside and seek for emotional equilibrium.

Number 7: Pay attention to what you are transmitting, choose kinder words and also be kind to yourself when you will screw it up. ’cause, ohh, you will, if human you are. :)) Also, awareness on how you choose to re-act. The sad thing with me is that, only after the fact, I am aware that I’ve done it yet again! oh, well.

Number 8: Forgive yourself and others

Number 9: Time for RE: re-evaluate, re-think, re-flect, re-consider, re-establish, re-pair, and all the other REs out there..

Number 10: Time to find solutions to un-solvable problems

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